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La Escuela Global Academy is a non-sectarian school that is duly approved and given permit by the Department of Education. LEGA is a SPED ready institution that offers IEP or Individualized Educational Plan to our SPED learners.

We have the Reverse Inclusion program that is only designed in our school. Since we are a non-sectarian school, we cater religious instruction as extension program to our Values Ed such as Islamic Studies, Catechism and Bible Based studies.

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Vision and Mission

The Vision

Students are empowered to articulate knowledge and skills that will support learners to participate in the global world, practicing the core values of the school; loyalty, harmony, productivity and excellence.

The Mission

La Escuela Global Academy enables all learners’ access to learning through the provision of; 


a.) individualized, in-depth and proactive learning programs aligned to year level
content and achievement standards updated from the DepEd curriculum;


b.) highly competitive and effective teaching force which aims on

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improving student learning through the commitment to ongoing professional development, quality teaching and evidence based practices;

c.) a quality inclusive learning environment;

d.) enriching curriculum, engaging resources and facilities;

e.) opportunities for school and parents to collaborate in learning partnership.

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